GETTING LONDONERS BACK TO THE CAPITAL'S BEATING HEART Since M&C Saatchi was founded 25 years ago, the agency has been proudly based in Soho. With this in mind, our team wanted to do something positive to protect and promote the businesses that give its location in the centre of London its unique charm, character and… Read More


#OHHELLLOBEAUTY HELPING THE BEAUTY INDUSTRY GET BACK ON ITS FEET As the nation continues to reopen this year, The British Beauty Council is encouraging people to return to salons and invest in beauty. In response to the impact of Covid-19 on the industry, with salons and beauty brands hit hard, “Oh hello beauty” aims to… Read More

NHS 111

THINK 111 CHANGING THE RELIANCE ON EMERGENCY SERVICES In the latest ‘Help Us, Help You’ campaign, the NHS is asking people to “think 111 first” rather than defaulting to a trip to the hospital. The work depicts people in precarious scenarios, frozen in time at the moment they realise they may need to go to… Read More


FLU VACCINATION CHANGING HOW THE NATION VIEWS FLU JABS As we approach the cold winter months, Public Health England needed to encourage all eligible groups to get a free flu vaccine to protect themselves. The new campaign warns people not to dismiss the virus as ‘just the flu’ and positions the vaccine as the best… Read More


CHANGING PERCEPTIONS OF WHAT'S OK Arthritis is often dismissed or downplayed. Our “It’s not alright” campaign is a call-to-arms for everyone to take arthritis seriously. Provocative out-of-home executions and online films highlight the fact that arthritis can rob people of everyday experiences, highlighting the ‘excuses’ used by and about people with arthritis. By showing how… Read More


WHERE EVERYONE PLAYS A SPONSORSHIP CHANGE THAT PUTS THE FANS FIRST Brands sponsoring football teams, and players, is nothing new. But Coca-Cola knows the true driver of the game is the fans. So our sponsorship activity for the Coca-Cola Premier League celebrates them as the true heroes of the game. Our latest work ahead of… Read More


FRAGRANCE LASTS CHANGING THE MOOD DURING LOCKDOWN According to the research, many social posts during lockdown have referenced the fact that perfume makes them feel more normal. Others have posted about putting on ‘nice perfume’ as a way of boosting their mood and even boosting productivity when working from home. Some have shared their amusement… Read More


FOODFINDER BY GOUSTO CHANGING HOW PEOPLE SHOP DURING LOCKDOWN Designed and built in just 10 days, we launched Food Finder in collaboration with Gousto and Ocean Outdoor with an ambition to connect people to their local food businesses during lockdown. The campaign ran across digital, PR and out-of-home placements – even getting a shout out… Read More


HELP US HELP YOU CHANGING THE ROLE OF A PHARMACIST IN SOCIETY Caring faces in white lab coats. That’s been the trope for positioning the pharmacist as a go-to for minor ailments. With a brief to take undue pressure off surgeries and emergency rooms, we needed to make a more dramatic intervention. “Get me a… Read More


FIRE IT UP CHANGING THE SNOBBISH VIEW OF APPRENTICESHIPS An apprenticeship. Word has it it’s the thing you fall back on when you don’t get your first choice. But this stigma belittles the incredible careers it can lead to, and those bright people able to learn the skills our nation needs. So we had to… Read More


MATESONG CHANGING AUSTRALIA'S RELATIONSHIP WITH BRITAIN Only Australia can take a cheeky dig at the Brits in times of Brexit uncertainty. Especially on Christmas Day, right after the Queen's speech. Matesong is a 3 minute song that we made to launch the ‘Philausophy’ campaign in the UK. Featuring a number of gorgeous backdrops and sending… Read More


TIMES CHANGE CHANGING A BRAND WITHOUT BREAKING IT When brands look to reinvent, it can be tempting to ignore the past in favour of a shiny new story. But Invesco wanted a smarter approach. Fiercely proud of their history, but fearful new investors saw them as outdated, they wanted to modernise without disrespecting their past.… Read More


READY TO TRADE BRITAIN’S CHANGING RELATIONSHIP WITH THE WORLD Britain has a new place on the world stage. And a new campaign, running in 16 cities across 11 countries, to celebrate that. This new push for the Department for International Trade delivers the simple message that Britain is open and “ready to trade”. The iconic… Read More


OWN THE CONTROVERSY CHANGING HOW ART HAS BEEN SOLD FOR 250 YEARS With the global art market facing tough times, and Jeff Koons’ own prices in decline, Christie’s needed to change the way they’d sold art for 250 years. Rather than hype the value, we did something unprecedented - we questioned it. This change drove… Read More


PPI AN UNEXPECTED INTERVENTION BY ARNIE CHANGES EVERYTHING PPI was a grubby world of daytime TV ads hawking ‘no fee’ legal services. It turned many people off the idea of claiming back the money they’d been duped out of. With inertia against us, it took a dramatic intervention to make the nation act. Enter Arnie’s… Read More


GIVE IT SOME GOUSTO CHANGING THE PRODUCTION MODEL FOR QUALITY, QUICKLY The true success in our work for Gousto lies not in the energetic reimagining of meal-planning, but in the speed it got to market. Through our dedicated production service M&KE, in just 6 weeks we wrote, shot and produced content to meet the needs… Read More