The Ben Kinsella Trust

Siren Poster

Tackling Knife Crime

Last year, 315 people were admitted to hospital with knife-related injuries around Mother’s Day. This campaign raises awareness of the dangers of knife crime, showing what thoughts go through a mother’s head when she hears an ambulance siren.

This innovative poster campaign is based on anxious messages and text exchanges between real mothers and their sons imploring them to stay safe and not to carry a knife.

Leading AI Technology

In a world-first, M&C Saatchi London worked with Clear Channel to develop a machine learning system which was trained to understand what an ambulance siren sounds like.

Every time an ambulance drives past or is near, the siren sound triggers the technology installed to show powerful messages from mothers to their sons, making the connection between ambulances and the genuine worry mothers have when they hear one, stronger and more powerful than ever before.

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