In order to understand the wider world, we must respect and reflect it.
We’re nurturing a team of curious minds from diverse backgrounds.

M&C Saatchi London Team Summer 2021

Our People are our Power

We hold tight to two key principles. ‘Brutal Simplicity of Thought’ – which is how we make things easier to understand, remember and act on.

And its sister belief, ‘Diversity of Thought’ – that from diverse minds come diverse thoughts, which makes all of us stronger.

This is why M&C Saatchi is a welcoming and inclusive place for all. Your life, your lived experience, your world view, all add a unique take to help answer the questions we face every day.

Every person at M&C Saatchi helps us to think differently, act compassionately, and better understand the world we seek to impact.

Our Employees Lead the Way


Our diversity is our strength. The Heritage network provides visibility and support for the issues people of colour face in the world and the workplace. It helps us all see the world from different perspectives.


Our LGBTQIA+ network celebrates and advocates for queer communities within our Group. It also wants to make a positive impact through the work we put out into the world.


We want to be a happy and healthy place to work. The Together network promotes mental and physical well-being, raises awareness of mental health challenges, and supports staff at every level.


The Equals network represents, supports and champions women across the M&C Saatchi Group. It shines a light on the challenges facing women in the workplace, and provides a platform for brilliant women to inspire us all.


The first years of your career can set you up for life. Through the Juniors network, new team members make connections across the group, get inspired and are supported to learn and grow.


It’s so important parents can thrive at work, and at home. The Family network finds ways M&C Saatchi can support all working parents to achieve balance and success.

Our Planet is our Priority

We must find ways for our business, and the brands we work with, to live in better harmony with our planet.

We have made four clear commitments:

  • Reduce the impact of our business on the environment
  • Apply socially responsible procurement policies with anyone we work with or for
  • Advise and support our clients to enhance their social and environmental impacts
  • Promote transparency, integrity and ethics in all areas of our business

To make sure we do this, we have a global CSR Committee bringing together leaders from our Group and within communities. Chaired by Lisa Gordon, Senior Non Executive Board Member, it has committed to publishing an annual report to show our progress.

Ready to make a change?