Department For Education

Skills For Life

Bridging the skills gap: Tackling a £120 Billion Challenge

England faces a significant challenge—the looming skills gap, predicted to cost the nation £120 billion by 2030. To combat this, the DfE is introducing new qualifications and skills initiatives, making them more accessible. The ambitious goal is to encourage 200,000 more individuals annually to pursue high-quality skills training, with a focus on empowering 80,000 in areas of England with the lowest skill levels.

Unleashing Potential: “It All Starts with Skills”

At the core of the campaign lies a shared belief across diverse audiences—that every individual and business possess untapped potential, with skills being the key to unlocking it. The strategic approach behind the creative platform, “It All Starts with Skills,” communicates that Skills for Life serves as a foundational catalyst. This messaging aims to empower young people, adults, and employers to harness their potential through skills training opportunities.

Targeting Tomorrow’s Workforce and Today’s Employers

The campaign takes a comprehensive approach, tailored to three distinct audience segments. First, young people aged 14-19 and their influencers—parents and teachers—are provided with information about education and training choices, enabling informed decisions about their next steps. Second, employer decision-makers are targeted to increase awareness and participation in government skills and training programs. Lastly, the campaign extends its reach to adults aged 24–59. The objective is to raise awareness of the skills offerings, providing support and guidance to build confidence in their career progression or transition, regardless of age or background.

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