Just get it checked

Changing inertia into action

In response to Covid-19, we all stayed at home to save lives – and protect the NHS. However, this well ingrained message has left an unintended legacy. Many people with concerning symptoms of other illnesses, including cancer, are not presenting at their GP.

Our research showed that not going to the GP for fears of safety, or worries about overwhelming the NHS, have further reinforced the usual ‘excuses’ people tell themselves when they are reluctant to seek medical attention: “I’ll just see how it goes.”; “I’ll just leave it a week.”

Making the invisible, visible

A series of “Just” excuses are manifested as tattoos on the body on locations relevant to each symptom. This conceit answers the age-old health advertising problem of making the invisible, visible. This visual device doesn’t just bring to life the physical site of the symptom, but also the mental block that’s getting in the way of having it checked out.

Don’t write it off as ‘just nothing’ – rather, ‘just get it checked’.

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