Public Health England.

Change for Life

A common enemy

Our task was to create and launch a social movement to tackle child obesity and related health issues. When talking about health issues, people are defensive. To engage, we created a common enemy – modern life.

The most recognised public sector brand ever

We invented Change4Life and its strength was both in the language used and the visual treatment. The visual vocabulary added life and energy to the heavy subject and empowered parents to share, rather than impose. Developing non specific characters also meant that any family (regardless of race, social demographic or weight) could identify with the brand. Whilst the modelling of the family allowed it to turn the blame game on its head.

The sugar smart app

Born from the insight that people try to do the right thing but don’t have the know-how or means to act, we created the sugar smart iOS and Android app. Free and easy to use, it reveals just how much sugar is hidden away in the products on supermarket shelves and in cupboards. All users have to do is scan the barcode.

Making meaningful change:


With over 80% brand awareness, Change 4 Life is the most recognised government sponsored campaign ever made.

App downloads

Over 2 million people have downloaded the Sugar Smart app.

Behaviour Change

Since the birth of Change 4 Life, children’s rising BMI scores have levelled.

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