An apprenticeship. Word has it it’s the thing you fall back on when you don’t get your first choice.

But this stigma belittles the incredible careers it can lead to, and those bright people able to learn the skills our nation needs.

So we had to change how apprenticeships are seen – by employers, by teachers and parents, and by potential applicants. We had to turn Plan B into Plan A.

Across TV, VOD, PR, print, digital and social channels, we ran a campaign harnessing the pent-up energy of a generation on the cusp of adulthood. We showed how their sparks of potential could electrify workplaces across the nation.

Partnerships with SBTV and Spotify helped us fire up potential applicants, while work with The Guardian and targeted ads on LinkedIn reached employers.

Most importantly, by turning disjointed online journeys into a single fully-charged hub, conversion through the application process increased from 3% to 50%. The number of young people who would consider an apprenticeship has more than doubled.

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