Changing a brand, not breaking it

Proud history

When brands look to reinvent, it can be tempting to ignore the past in favour of a shiny new story. But Invesco wanted a smarter approach. Fiercely proud of their history, but fearful new investors saw them as outdated, they wanted to modernise without disrespecting their past.

New old masters

We changed how people regarded that history. And turn tradition into a modern strength. Seven Old Masters, representing heritage and continuity, were each given a modern twist. “Girl with a Pearl Earbud” and “Selfie Portrait of the Artist” were two of the new works commissioned.

Trusted techniques and new technology

Traditional oil artists and digital animators worked together on the artworks. A perfect metaphor for Invesco’s own merging of trusted techniques with the latest technology. Stretching beyond advertising, the commissioned artworks have toured Europe for a series of investor events introducing Invesco’s rebooted proposition and even been repainted as mural in East London.

Making meaningful change:

Overall improved brand favorability to 69%

And from the DMA entry:

Before Times Change, brand tracking of “familiarity” sat at 22%.

By May 2020 “familiarity” had shot up significantly to 51%.

Furthermore, tracking results saw current use amongst the audience jump from 13% to 25%.

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