NHS England.

Changing the health of a nation

A wake-up call

6 in 10 of us are overweight or obese. And that extra weight puts extra pressure on our bodies, making it harder to fight against diseases. Covid-19 has been a national wake-up call. And there’s now a proven link between weight and outcome.

Let’s do this

What better time to launch the new NHS Better Health brand and its catch-cry, Let’s Do This. A call to all to get up and have a go. To try healthy new habits through eating well and moving more. All made as easy as possible, because these things are hard to start – and to stick to.

not one day, day one

After a challenging period in our nation’s history we emerge with new resolve. A national push across TV, print, outdoor, digital, social and partnerships will inspire. It’s a campaign of colour, energy and positivity. It stars a diverse cast – real people, giving it a go. This isn’t about thinking we’ll do something one day. This is Day One.

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