Interesting Tech #5: AR Search

Not many folks know it, but Google search doesn’t just index text, images, videos and locations. It also indexes 3D objects, which can be viewed in the real world through AR built into Google search results.

The functionality has existed in mobile search since 2019, but brands and product owners grappling with the transition to Web 3.0 should increasingly consider this ‘5th format’ as a simple opportunity to increase engagement in an advertising-free, immersive environment.

Here’s a recent Burberry example:

Why should you care?

For brands and marketers, it seems like the rules of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) are constantly changing. Backlinks, keywords, images & video are constantly being produced, reviewed and optimised in an industry-wide push to ‘game the algorithm’ and win disproportionate share of search. Often at the expense of the brand experience (‘keyword rich content’ anyone?).

AR search provides a great opportunity for brands that exist in the real world to well, just show up in the real world. Without the complexity and expense of custom AR solutions and paid media. Try on make-up as you search? Pop a sofa in the corner of your living room? Repaint your kitchen? Check if a German Shepherd is bigger than your kids*….why not?

*Give this one a go, it’s fun. Just search ‘German Shepherd’ on your mobile.

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