Interesting Tech #4: Make it Donate

Make it Donate triggers a charity donation from any digital action.

That’s right. It turns anything from tracking a run on Strava, to ordering a Deliveroo or liking someone’s tweets into micro-donations for charities. By simply living your life you could, over time, transform the lives of others.

Why should you care?

In a world rife with virtue signalling, green and sports washing, Make it Donate is a simple, non-technical way to make being charitable entirely frictionless. There’s not many brands, businesses (or people) for whom it doesn’t have a potential application.

It could turn 10,000 steps a day into a 10p donation to Move for Cancer, for FitBit.

It could turn every 1 degree about average temperature into a 50p donation to Cool Earth.

It could turn every tweet liked by Donald Trump into a 5p donation to the Democratic party. Wouldn’t that be fun?

If you need any more convincing, then read Shaun’s post on charitable giving.

Take a look for yourself at

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