Interesting Tech #2: Synthesia

Synthesia is a text-to-video generation platform.

It is an off-the-shelf tool which uses AI to create realistic (deepfake?) avatars of people from supplied video footage. Synthesia avatars can deliver any script, in any language, in their own voice.

Simple to setup and configure, it provides an infinitely scalable platform to deliver one-to-one personalised video messages. It also has an API which can be plugged into existing websites, apps, products and services to automate the creation of video and scripts.

Why should you care?

We all know that video content and personalisation are surefire ways to increase engagement online. Combine that with the appeal of fun celebrity messaging services like Cameo and Synthesia has the potential to create some of the most surprising (or useful) videos you’ll ever watch… at a vast scale and accessible price point.

Make sure the copywriting is decent, and the platform does the rest.

Creepy, yes.

Huge creative potential, most definitely.

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