Spotlight On: Sunny Moon-Little

We know that Creativity Changes Everything – and it’s the people at M&C who make that happen.

This week we spoke to Production Assistant Sunny Moon-Little, who, not unlike her name, lights up every room she walks into (and is also a party organiser extraordinaire)!

Sunny’s Fact File:

  • Morning alarm: “6:10AM when I’m walking my dog Olive, and probably like, 7AM otherwise.”
  • Song of the week: “Recently I’ve been enjoying ‘It’s About Damn Time’ by Lizzo. I like the funk.”
  • Ad of the week: “It’s not really a recent ad, but one that came up through nostalgia: the Hedgehog Road Safety ads. I think we were trying to remember the tune.”

We work in advertising. What’s your viewpoint on the strength of advertising in the world we currently live in?

“That’s deep, isn’t it? I feel like advertising has more responsibility than it used to for setting a good precedent for progression. I think when something is in the world – and so many people see it – you do have quite a big impact on society. What I like about M&C is that they do try and make meaningful change; I enjoy that they are actually trying to make a positive impact on society by helping or guiding them to things. I suppose it’s quite a big reference for pop culture too. Advertising is an artistry that influences in the same way fashion does, really.”

Which ad captures creativity within advertising to you?

BBC Sports Olympics Monkey Movie (2008)

“The Olympics advertising has always been amazing. When they do animations that reflect the culture of the country as well as the sports being presented. Outside of the Olympics I don’t really watch sports, but adverts make it relevant and make you support your team and country. [For the 2008 Olympics], I think they had to match the expectations of the Grand Opening with the advertising, and I think they did that.”

If you could teach yourself any skill to help you in your role – what would it be? And why?

“Do you know the animation of the man in the centre of the earth with loads of different screens and arms? I would like to be someone like that – someone who knows what’s going on. Producing is being really organised and disciplining yourself to make sure you’re on top of everything and keep projects going – so I’d probably most like to be a multitasker.”

I could ask you what your favourite weather is, but I won’t. Instead, as a prop-making extraordinaire, I’d love to know what your favourite prop has been to make, and why? Has there been any prop that has been particularly special?

“Some are quite weird. [The first thing] that springs to mind is how phallic operas are – dildos always work their way into operas. They’re all so varied though; I’ve made an alien hat before, which was fun, and making a load of fun props for the Mr. Men Show, which included cartoon-y props like a daisy sandwich and a telephone hat. I’ve also had a couple of severed heads, one of which was a cool abstract glass head that I used glass paint to puddle blood on. The hardest props tend to be those in high quantity, or those that involve sewing – they’re the most taxing. One was a tablecloth which had subtitles on it, so it had 12 pages of fabric that were turned like a book.”

You can see some of the great things Sunny has made here.

And finally, we know inspiration can come from anywhere – you don’t need to work in an agency to see it in action. What book/podcast/shows have had you thinking recently? Guilty pleasures welcome!

“I try and find ‘arty farty’ work outside of work. I’m going to paint a mural soon for a friend’s twins. I listen to lots of audio books; I’m currently listening to ‘Hippopotamus’ by Stephen Fry – I like fantasy stuff so his retelling of the Greek myths (‘Mythos’) was great too. A podcast I like is ‘I Weigh’ by Jameela Jamil – it’s helped me be a bit more progressive in my thinking, and she has great guests. I really value that. Revising for the exam I’m going to take again has been taking up a lot of my time, otherwise I just have a husband and dog that keep me occupied, we like to go for walks in the forest.”

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