The mother of all invention

The next leap in kitchen gadgetry

Kenwood’s Titanium Chef Baker XL is the stand mixer to stand the test of time. Innovation and durability are key to this product’s story. To land this latest kitchen leap, we looked back to other essentials that have stuck with us. We compared the Chef Baker XL to indispensable utensils such as the spatula and piping bag, to root it in the world of our progressive home bakers.

Playful innovation baked in

In a series of short social films, this campaign showed obsessive cooks how they could harness Kenwood’s latest invention to become more inventive themselves. The campaign showcased newly-dreamt recipes, from Matcha Coconut Roll to Strawberry Shortcake Tacos. Inventive takes on home bakes to get our audience hungry for more.

Kenwood Can, and it does

This is the latest work bringing to life our global brand platform – Kenwood Can. It’s an idea ripe with the possibility and potential created by all of Kenwood’s kitchen range. Now live in 14 markets, Kenwood Can is big enough to feed our audience’s appetite for home cooking.

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