Inspired by Iceland.

Making Iceland a must-go

Taking the languish out of lockdown

Prolonged lockdowns looked after us in many ways – but not without sacrifice. None of us strayed far from home. And many of us experienced personal frustrations. Most brands reacted to this with great empathy and tinkly piano music. To be honest, it all got a bit cloying. There had to be a more creative way to cut through the lockdown ennui.

A big noise about a little country

Enter, Iceland. Not the shop. But the country. We gave people the chance to express their lockdown rage with a virtual scream into its vast landscapes. With speakers placed in seven epic locations, people could choose where they wanted to release their pent-up frustration. And the whole world let its feelings out. With earned global reach in the billions, our small budget campaign put the tiny island high up the consideration list.

A music track to make tracks

It’s easy to build a digital hub full of cool branded content. It’s harder to get people there. We rose to the challenge with a custom track, ‘Sweatpant Boots’, rapping about the woes of elasticated waists. Its music video became pop bait for our web content.

Getting us all off our butts

The final kicker? A pop-up shop IRL, turning trackie bottoms into hiking boots. The perfect flip from lockdown life into outdoor exploration.

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