KENWOOD CAN CHANGING WHAT PEOPLE THINK IS POSSIBLE IN THE KITCHEN If the kitchen is the heart of the home, then Kenwood is the heart of the kitchen. Our campaign aims to make Kenwood the most loved and admired brand amongst cooks far and wide, by demonstrating that anything is possible when you have a… Read More


PPI AN UNEXPECTED INTERVENTION BY ARNIE CHANGES EVERYTHING PPI was a grubby world of daytime TV ads hawking ‘no fee’ legal services. It turned many people off the idea of claiming back the money they’d been duped out of. With inertia against us, it took a dramatic intervention to make the nation act. Enter Arnie’s… Read More


WHERE EVERYONE PLAYS A SPONSORSHIP CHANGE THAT PUTS THE FANS FIRST Brands sponsoring football teams, and players, is nothing new. But Coca-Cola knows the true driver of the game, is the fans. So we celebrated them as the true heroes. Read More


GIVE IT SOME GOUSTO CHANGING THE PRODUCTION MODEL FOR QUALITY, QUICKLY The true success in our work for Gousto lies not in the energetic reimagining of meal-planning, but in the speed it got to market. Through our dedicated production service M&KE, in just 6 weeks we wrote, shot and produced content to meet the needs… Read More