HELP US, HELP YOU CHANGING INERTIA INTO ACTION ON CANCER In response to Covid-19, we all stayed at home to save lives – and protect the NHS. However, this well ingrained message has left an unintended legacy. Many people with concerning symptoms of other illnesses, including cancer, are not presenting at their GP. Cancer referrals… Read More


STOPTOBER ENCOURAGING THAT ONE BIG CHANGE In 2020, smoking prevalence among adults is at a record low, however we still have an estimated 6.1 million smokers. Now in it's ninth year, our 2020 Stoptober programme aims to drive quit attempts at scale. Launched as part of our new Better Health brand, the 2020 programme is… Read More


BET REGRET CHANGING CASUAL BETTING BEHAVIOUR Launched in 2019, our Bet Regret behaviour change programme targets casual bettors - encouraging them to pause and reconsider before they place a bet that they'll regret. In the latest campaign, unsuspecting bettors are interrupted by Amateur wrestler, Andy Kirby – who pins them down until they agree to… Read More


BETTER HEALTH CHANGING THE HEALTH OF THE NATION 6 in 10 of us are overweight or obese. And that extra weight puts extra pressure on our bodies, making it harder to fight against diseases. Covid-19 has been a national wake-up call. And there’s now a proven link between weight and outcome. What better time to… Read More


CHANGING THE WAY PEOPLE SHARE 'ADVICE' Isolate the Lies is a mythbusting campaign that seeks to change the way people see the sharing of stories and ‘advice’ about coronavirus; reframing it from being something that ‘might be helpful’ to something which poses a serious threat to the health and wellbeing of their friends and families. Read More


SUGAR SWAPS EVEN CHANGE4LIFE NEEDS CHANGE SOMETIMES Ten years on from creating Britain’s biggest and most famous behaviour change campaign, Change4Life, we’re ensuring its ongoing relevance. Sugar Swaps is just one of a long line of simple heuristics that we have developed to help the nation eat well, move more and live longer. Our work… Read More