BETTER HEALTH CHANGING THE HEALTH OF THE NATION 6 in 10 of us are overweight or obese. And that extra weight puts extra pressure on our bodies, making it harder to fight against diseases. Covid-19 has been a national wake-up call. And there’s now a proven link between weight and outcome. What better time to… Read More


CHANGING THE WAY PEOPLE SHARE 'ADVICE' Isolate the Lies is a mythbusting campaign that seeks to change the way people see the sharing of stories and ‘advice’ about coronavirus; reframing it from being something that ‘might be helpful’ to something which poses a serious threat to the health and wellbeing of their friends and families. Read More


SUGAR SWAPS EVEN CHANGE4LIFE NEEDS CHANGE SOMETIMES Ten years on from creating Britain’s biggest and most famous behaviour change campaign, Change4Life, we’re ensuring its ongoing relevance. Sugar Swaps is just one of a long line of simple heuristics that we have developed to help the nation eat well, move more and live longer. Our work… Read More