Iceland wants the world to break out of their sad sweatpants and say hello to adventure, so this summer, the country is going to turn lockdown sweatpants into hiking boots.

For over a year, the world has been stifled by restrictions, but with travel tantalisingly back on the agenda, people can finally break out of their year-long rut and experience the adventure they have been dreaming of and craving. Iceland wants to make sure everyone is ready for any and every adventure they can get their hands on by turning lockdown sweatpants into hiking boots.

Located on Rainbow Street in downtown Reykjavik, the Sweatpant Boots pop-up will be open throughout July offering to upcycle lockdown sweatpants into exclusive, limited-edition and one-of-a-kind boots: Sweatpant Boots.

The first people to book a slot at the pop-up and turn up with a valid plane ticket showing their arrival in Iceland from June 24th onwards will have their old, tired sweatpants magically transformed into a pair of hiking boots, with any remaining fabric becoming the bag in which to carry them home.

For those that can’t make it to Iceland just yet, the country has created a bespoke website that invites everyone to virtually try-on a pair of Sweatpant Boots and see what adventures await them in each of the seven regions of the country.

To celebrate the launch of Sweatpant Boots, Icelandic rapper Cell7 and producer, Ásgeir Orri Ásgeirsson, have recorded an exclusive new song with a supporting film… The Sweatpant Boot Song.

Check out the sweatpantboots.com website to see Iceland’s unique landscapes, thrilling activities and cultural adventures.