Facing our fear of the unknown

Carrying our worries around

When someone notices a change in their body, alarm bells can ring. And when the thought of cancer pops into their mind, it increases their fear of coming forward. New NHS research shows 6 in 10 people say a cancer diagnosis is their biggest health fear, and 4 in 10 say they would ignore symptoms. The NHS needs people to present earlier with symptoms that might be cancer, because finding it sooner makes it more treatable.

Dialling up the tension

A jack-in-the-box is our poignant metaphor for the health fears we can carry around with us. And how we crank up the tension and convince ourselves of the worst. This is the first campaign to target very early symptoms – those changes in our body that make us think ‘that’s not normal for me’.

A hopeful resolution

This campaign presents new news from the NHS: that most people who go for tests, find out it’s not cancer. In an age of increasing self-diagnosis via Doctor Google, this campaign takes on the often unnecessary mental torture people put themselves through. And if the diagnosis is cancer, it means they’ll get the care they need sooner.

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