My Waitrose.

A new way to say thanks

Loyalty Scheme Make-Over

In 2020, we became the lead Customer agency for Waitrose who were in need of a revamped loyalty programme. During the pandemic, they had to switch off the free coffee and newspapers with purchase, perks card holders had become used to but also took for granted. At the same time, the partnership with Ocado was coming to an end which required a big re-energise to their loyalty proposition to stop loyal Ocado fans from migrating away from the Waitrose brand.

Out with the coffee in with the value

The goal was to ensure customers felt rewarded every time they shopped so they didn’t feel they were missing the free coffee and to give them a reason to swipe every time which was a new habit we needed to form. We conducted qualitative and quantitative research to understand what value means to the Waitrose customer and all the different types of thank yous that Waitrose could offer that were immediate, medium and longer term. With 10 possible reward components still in the mix, we needed to help refine and focus the winning ones. We used a special trade-off research method to help us understand from customers the most valued benefits within the new myWaitrose offering and importantly, gained insight into the best combination of benefits to obtain the broadest appeal of myWaitrose membership.

Thank Yous from Waitrose

This data driven insight helped us understand the budget implications with Waitrose, work out the right comms approach (e.g. which benefits and/or hierarchy of benefits in messages) and understand the best combination of benefits to obtain broad appeal and prepare the launch ‘elevator proposition’. The resulting programme weeded out the things people wanted from the things they don’t, ultimately named ‘Thank yous from Waitrose’: you collect, you choose, you save. We worked alongside the tech team at Waitrose to ensure the proposition could be delivered within their current capabilities, without compromising on the proposition and longer term goals.

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