Your seat awaits

Getting the UK moving again.

To reignite rail travel after lockdown, LNER needed a campaign to remind people of the joy of the journey, and the destination. After months of reassuringly socially-distanced, masks-on imagery, this campaign needed to restore pleasure to the line connecting London and Edinburgh.

This seat can take you places.

With a brief to showcase the improved on-train experience, and the places it can take you, we centred on LNER’s red train seat as the icon of this return to travel. Placing the seat in unexpected places, from a cinema to a cafe to an office, gave us a playful way to showcase onboard experiences such as streaming a film, ordering a coffee and getting work done.

Connecting people and places.

Taking the seat off the train also captured the thrill of being back out in the world, and the train connecting you to people and places you’ve missed. A red train seat at a family dining table hinted at long-awaited reunions. Freeing the seat up to be anywhere in the world became a perfect metaphor for our own new-found freedoms.

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