It’s long been said life’s about the journey, not the destination.

And that’s a maxim adopted in this new work for LNER, showcasing the many things that can be enjoyed on a new Azuma train, when chosen over flying or driving.

We follow Alice’s journey as her red LNER train seat goes on a magical journey from office, to arcade, cafe, library, cinema and even the family dinner table – representing all the places a train carriage can double as. The campaign showcases LNER’s onboard WiFi and new at-seat food and drink service.

The TVC, soundtracked by Circa Waves’ track “Movies”, was shot with many practical in-camera effects, made possible by trick seats built for the film.

Still images showcase the iconic seat in a range of surprising locations.

The campaign targets LNER’s audience of “go-getters” – people who like to go places in life, and get stuff done along the way.

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