The Good Guys Guide is a set of simple rules for men to follow in order to make women feel safer on the streets.

Conceived and developed by Camila Gurgel and Ieva Paulina, the guide has been created in response to the current conversation around safety on our streets, with men across the nation asking how they can do more to help women feel safe.

The Good Guys Guide seeks to help men realise that even “good guys” can be perceived as a threat, and that they have a role to play in helping women feel more comfortable when out on the streets. The guide offers a set of seven quick and easy-to-follow rules that men can adopt when out and about in order to help women feel safe, acknowledging that it’s not women’s responsibility to take precautions to “avoid” being harassed.

To help amplify the campaign, M&C Saatchi has partnered with Solace Women’s Aid, a charity which aims to help end violence against women and children, and Token Man, an initiative which works to help men better understand the challenges faced by women in the workplace and beyond.

The push also aims to spark a conversation about men’s role as active allies to women, with a call-to-action for men to find out how to be a positive bystander, taking steps to ensure safety such as calling out abusers, reporting abuse and preventing situations from escalating. Charity partner Solace Women’s Aid has provided more details on how to do this, which people can download from the website.

“A lot of men are only just starting to realise how afraid women can often feel when out on the streets at night. We wanted to create something to help the men who call themselves “the good guys” do their bit to make women feel safer. We know that a lot more needs to be done to address violence and harassment against women at a higher level, but this campaign aims to at least start a conversation around the role that men can play to make sure that women feel more comfortable. We hope it will also inspire many of them to take the next step in order to become active allies and take more concrete actions to make the streets a safe space for everyone.” Camila Gurgel