As is well documented, the Covid-19 pandemic hit the UK labour market pretty hard. But we are now beginning to see signs of recovery.

Our latest work with The Department for Work and Pensions focuses on helping jobseekers, those on furlough and ‘the worried working’ to see their strengths differently, and encourage them to discover support, training and advice on finding their next opportunity.

Based on the insight that many jobseekers feel lost in the current labour market, but are keen to put their strengths to work, “Somewhere out there” encourages people to find what they are looking for from work rather than focusing solely on gaining employment. The line “We’ll help you find it” positions JobHelp as the tool that can help you find whatever “it” is for you – whether that’s support, training or a new role. The simple pleasures we gain from work, like a new mate or a pay day treat, fulfil lots of emotional needs, so helping people find work is also helping them find self-esteem, comradery, financial security and pride.

Searching JobHelp is an opportunity for discovery and reminds people they have options, including a job they never even knew existed.

The integrated campaign includes a complete overhaul of the JobHelp digital platform, from mapping user personas and customer journeys through to design and build.