The Department for Education.

A springboard for young people

Jumping into the unknown

Being on the edge of adulthood is a brilliant and terrifying time. There are so many decisions to make that young people can feel overwhelmed. There’s fear of making the wrong choice. And concern that a decision taken now, is one they’ll be stuck with forever. The Department for Education needed to provide these teens with better guidance through the post-16 training landscape.

Taking that first big leap

We created the ‘Get the jump’ platform to give school-leavers the skinny on traineeships, apprenticeships and other ways to gain skills and get into work. We showed we understood their fears, and guided their way with empathetic headlines like ‘You don’t need to know where you’re going, to get going’.

Bound for success

The campaign’s visual style captures all the pent-up energy of youth. It helps the audience see how they might unleash their potential on the world, in ways they might not have even known about. Crucially, it uses the language of trying and testing, with reassurance that any step taken is a step forward. A for-now choice, not a forever one.

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