Bringing human ingenuity into sharp focus

Finding Clarity

When Re partnered with Clarivate, we identified a key challenge standing in the way of growth: Clarivate was the biggest company most people had never heard of. Clarivate lacked strong market-presence, meaning or purpose for users. We saw a missed opportunity to tell the holistic story of human ingenuity at the heart of the Clarivate business, and clearly communicate the connected value and end-benefit for customers across the portfolio.

To answer this challenge we guided the business through a significant strategic pivot to re-invigorate the Clarivate masterbrand and story, positioning it as the single entry point to a world of market-leading analytics solutions across the innovation lifecycle. The refreshed Clarivate identity brings innovation and human ingenuity into sharp focus. Building on the idea of optics, the Clarivate lens, derived from the logo, presents the Clarivate world as one of precision and clarity.

In our work with Clarivate we have crossed print, film, motion, language, events and environments, to successfully tell the new Clarivate story to the research and IP community.

Connecting the digital journey

To deliver a connected brand experience, we needed to ensure that the confident new Clarivate brand was reflected across the digital experience. Clarivate’s digital presence was very fragmented, running across many different, mis-aligned websites.

Our objective was to consolidate 16 different websites into one single digital home for a connected portfolio. To do this we unified all the different design languages, creating one grid, typography, content approach and UX/ UI.

We worked with the internal team at Clarivate to roll out the design, considering the experience at every touch point. Simplifying and humanising became the core principles in each of the designs to increase engagement across the site. We developed a library of components to enable Clarivate’s digital team to build efficiently, prototype quickly and keep costs low. But most importantly of all, to create high quality experiences easily.

The Impact

A pivotal moment for Clarivate came in 2019 when it listed on the New York Stock Exchange, signalling a new era for the group and brand. We’ve had a very successful partnership with Clarivate to date, implementing a brand that can take the business through to new growth. In 2020 the brand has performed well even against the backdrop of a global pandemic, with growth in revenue and profit, improved employee engagement ratings and an exciting strategic merger on the horizon with CPA Global, a leading global IP software business.

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