As the nation continues to reopen this year, The British Beauty Council is encouraging people to return to salons and invest in beauty.

In response to the impact of Covid-19 on the industry, with salons and beauty brands hit hard, “Oh hello beauty” aims to reverse the decline, getting people booking to see a beauty professional, and buying beauty products online or in shops, by showing how beauty can help us feel our best and reminding people how amazing it is to get the professional touch.

With many people forced to do their own beauty treatments during lockdown, the campaign plays on the human insights we can all relate to about what happens when you take beauty treatments into your own hands, rather than going to the professionals.

The colourful, bold illustrations are a celebration of how fabulous beauty is, how it can make you feel positive and uplifted, and a reminder that that the industry is open and ready for customers. The executions carry the line: “The beauty industry is ready for you now” and the hashtag #OHHELLOBEAUTY.