The senseless killing of George Floyd has ignited outrage and shock across the world. We recognise that the systemic and systematic inequality and injustices that exist in our society, our industry and our company must be tackled with more urgency than ever.

At M&C Saatchi Group we will take action to ensure we are a fair and equitable organisation, representative of the global societies in which we operate by prioritising our commitment to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace and to be intentional in our actions and allyship.  From the lived experience of our employees, to the commitments we make to Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic communities as well as the influence we have on culture through our communications we must serve as leaders, allies and advocates driving change through our actions and not just words.

We recognise there is a lot to be done. We will be honest about what we need to change, be transparent about what we plan to do and be accountable for the targets we set.

Our commitments to help combat systemic racial injustice and support Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic talent and as follows – and this commitment extends to all underrepresented and/or marginalised groups.


We will protect safe spaces to talk about, listen, recognise and discuss discrimination, prejudice and racism. However these safe spaces mustn’t allow prejudice to remain quietly ignored. We want to create noisy spaces too – from our platforms and through our clients and the work we do together. As a communications business we are uniquely placed to be able to use our voice to fight racism and advance the cause of racial equity and equality in and beyond our industry. This a long-term commitment, and we will continue to be vocal and active for as long as it takes for us to live in a society which is fair and equitable.


It is imperative that our people are treated with equity and respect. We will not tolerate prejudice in any form. We will roll out mandatory manager training to identify and tackle unconscious bias and micro-aggressions ensuring we have a more inclusive and equitable leadership culture. We will continue to find relevant ways to listen and keep learning about our progress and failures – one example is our plan to roll out the Vault App globally, which is a platform providing a safe space for employees to report misconduct. The impact of this will be assessed by monitoring and reporting back on the lived experience of our employees.


We will fundamentally reshape how we recruit, attract, nurture and retain a much greater diversity of talent.  We will identify where we need to improve representation and set clear targets to ensure our entire business is representative of the societies in which we operate – with particular focus on representation at board and management level. This work will be further supported by a review of existing policies, process and practices so that they elevate, not stifle, Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic talent as well as those from other underrepresented groups and/or marginalised groups.


We will take positive action in communities by continuing to support important initiatives like Saturday School and Mentor Black Businesses. We will open our hearts and minds to learn about different culture and communities by partnering with inspiring organisations. It’s also critical that we continue our allyship and commitment to avert racism through the work we do with our clients.We will expand our resources bringing a greater diversity of talent to work in partnership on the work that we produce. We will support the communities around us, working with businesses and suppliers owned and operated by under-represented groups.

These commitments will be further supported by a review of our Diversity Equity and Inclusion strategy and action plan, which is currently under consultation with our employee networks and employees from under-represented groups. Together and across our group companies we are united in our commitment ensure proper representation of Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic talent and of those in other underrepresented groups – so we are truly open to all.